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Wi23 workshops are now open for registration!

Learn all that you need to know to get off the ground with brain computer interfacing!

These workshops, offered by natNL, will all be held in-person with an option to attend virtually.

If you want to learn about the stuff we do in a fun, interactive, low-stress environment, this is the event for you! We currently offer four unique 6-session workshop streams that serve as an introduction to each of the key pillars of brain computer interfacing programs.

We encourage you to take multiple workshops if you are interested, neurotech and brain computer interfacing is fundamentally interdisciplinary and building a breadth of knowledge is indispensable!

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An introduction to the fundamentals of neuroscience and how they connect to neurotechnology. Topics range from the neurochemistry of the brain all the way to human consciousness. No previous experience required.

Now open for registration!

Neuroscience workshops start Tuesday, February 7th, running every Tuesday 6pm-7pm MT.

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Machine Learning

This workshop will take you through the basics of machine learning all the way to implementing deep neural networks for use with brain data. The stream ends off on how to utilize custom cloud architecture to assist with deploying machine learning in the real world. You are strongly recommended to have previously taken the Software Workshop if you do not have a background in python.

Now open for registration!

Machine Learning workshop sessions start Friday, February 10th, running every following Friday from 4pm-5pm MT.

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This workshop will take you all the way from the fundamentals of Python to equipping you with all the basic skills necessary to interact with your brain computer interface. No previous experience required. This workshop contains an asynchronous setup "Day 0" workshop to get your system all set up for the series!

This workshop will be offered next semester!

We're taking a short break on this workshop - be sure to join our Slack and signup for the newsletter so you are one of the first to know when we are offering this workshop again!

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Learn to build your own BCI hardware, from the comfort of your own home. This workshop will teach participants critical Circuit Design skills and how to apply them in creating an EEG device. Enrollment fee includes the cost of basic circuit components, a printed circuit board, an arduino nano, and shipping expenses. Limited to those currently residing in Canada. No previous experience required.

This workshop will be offered next semester!

We're taking a short break on this workshop - be sure to join our Slack and signup for the newsletter so you are one of the first to know when we are offering this workshop again!

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Workshop Payment
- Please send all (non-refundable) eTransfers to neuralbertatech@gmail.com.
- Specify which workshop(s) you are paying for in the eTransfer notes.
- If you are in multiple workshops, please send all in one eTransfer.
- Application and payment deadline are both February 18th, 2023 at 17:00 mt.

The workshop fee is only in place to allow us to host the highest quality workhops and it is not intended as a barrier of entry, please email us if this fee is a barrier and we can work something out.
We will be offering attendance based NAT merch prizes (Restricted to UofA Students), so be sure to attend as many sessions as you can!


Cameron Hildebrandt

natNL Chief Technology Officer, natUA President

Presenting in:  Machine Learning
Hey, I'm Cameron and I'm in my fourth year of a computing science degree at the UofA! I usually focus on helping with anything that has to do with programming, but I'll help out with anything that needs getting done. I'm looking forward to our new new workshop series and I'm really looking forward to meeting you all!

Zach Selk

natNL Chief Financial Officer, Calian Software Developer

Presenting in:  Machine Learning
Hey, I'm Zach!

Zain Patel

MSc Student, Department of Cell Biology

Presenting in:  Neuroscience
Hi, I'm Zain and I am a 2nd year Master's student in Cell Biology. My research interests are in the realm of neuronal cell death and my general neuroscience-based interests include survival and death of neurons, and modulating synaptic activity! I'm very excited to present for the neuroscience workshop series this semester.

Madeleine Ridgway

BSc Student, Neuroscience

Presenting in:  Neuroscience
My name is Madeleine Ridgway, and I'm a fourth year Honours Neuroscience student at the UofA. I've been involved with NAT since January 2021, where my role is mostly programming: EEG analysis and user interfaces.