Russian NeuroTech Cup 2020

Despite the reality of COVID-19, in just a few summer months we remotely developed and submitted an art-generating BCI program (utilizing our new 16-channel OpenBCI) to the Russia-hosted Neurotech Cup 2020 and secured a position as finalists!

On October 10th, 2020 we were awarded a People's Choice Award!

We developed an interactive brain-centric SaaS for use at private and public fundraiser events.
A BCI program that leverages existing consumer-priced/research-grade EEG equipment that enables the user to generate customizable and dynamic art via their live brain data.

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RemBRAINdt Project Team
Eden Redman Shane Eaton Quintin Hansen Jiyeon Seo David Lam Matthew Danyluk
Team Lead UI/UX Lead Machine Learning Engineer Game Developer Junior Programmer Junior Data Analyst