Alpha Blaster

NeurAlberaTech NeuroTechX Open Competition 2019 Submission

Alpha Blaster is a proof of concept 2D tower defense game controlled entirely by your brain activity. Our game recieved a 5th place award in NeuroTechX's Open Competition 2019!

Our first very project, AlphaBlaster, was a resounding success. In just two months, our team of ten undergraduates developed a tower-defense style video game controlled by the human brain. We used a Muse headset to track the player's brain activity, and measured data correlating with the player's relative attentiveness in real-time to shoot an enemy in-game. Garnering coverage from several media outlets!

Submission Video: The Brain Controlled Tower Defense Game

Check out our media coverage:

2019 Project Team
Zach Selk Eden Redman Brandon Best Ryan Kang Cameron Hildebrandt David Lam Abdel Tayem Matthew Danyluk Vidusha Tewari Jenn Burrell Nicole Wlasitz
Software Software Software Software Software Research Research Research Research Research Research