Open Stroke Rehab

Stimulating Relevant Sensorimotor Circuits:
Facilitating Gross Upper Limb Movement Recovery in Indivudals Recovering from Stroke

An entirely open source platform for providing nonpharamacological support for assisting in upper limb motor recovery from stroke.

Project Goals:
Open Access and Community Driven

Started by a small group of students at the University of Alberta located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we are not profit-driven and hope to "stimulate" fruitful cross-institute collaborations to further development of the platform.

Easy to Replicate

Basic and widely accessible circuits with instructions for replication.

Demonstrate a Practical BCI Usecase

In parallel with a number of other NeurAlbertaTech projects we seek to demonstrate novel use cases for BCI in day-today life.

CAD Modeling

We are modifying OpenBCI's open source Ultra Cortex IV headset to more densly cluster electrodes about the primary motor cortex

Detecting Intention to Initiate Movement

We will be using a local lightweight SVM to distinguish in real-time the user's intention to move.

Custom Stimulation Circuits with Safety Front of Mind

Protoyping with BT enabled Arduinos we are working to create a simple circuits with several hardware safeguards, including fuses, diodes to handle current backflow, current lmiiting transistors, and optoisolated relays.

The Core Team is Still Forming!