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Dr. Kyle Nash
Dr. Dana Hayward

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NeurAlbertaTech is a Non-Profit Organization!

NeurAlbertaTech Neurotechnologies Ltd. hosts natHACKS, natChats, Workshops, Demo Nights, and several other large-scale programs while our student chapters at the UofA, UofC, and UofL are in charge of local project teams and social events.


NeurAlbertaTech now has an office space on campus at the Univerity of Alberta! In this space, you will be able to get your hands on some neurotech, attend our events, and more!

What is Neur­Alberta­Tech?

NeurAlbertaTech is Alberta's leading neurotechnology innovator network, promoting education and professional development in the brain-computer interface (BCI) space. Our programs include:

Hosting hands-on workshops and competitions to empower innovators to develop practical neurotechnology skills;

Coordinating speaker and networking events, to foster a vibrant, diverse nexus of neurotech collaborators!

Supporting innovative project teams to compete in international neurotech competitions.